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Ce Quimera (AR-ES). Multidisciplinary performer since 2008, after the release of Quimera Rosa Lab, I have been focusing my corporal and research work on post-identity gender politics. The last few years I have incorporated new tools to my performance and video-making works, such as noise and electronics.
I work on transdisciplinary performance based on the articulation between bodies and technologies. Aware by transfeminist and queers practices, I make bodies a platform for public intervention, breaking up limits between public and private. I understand sexuality as a technological and artistical creation and seek to experiment hybrid, flexible and changing identities able to blur frontiers betweeen natural/artificial, normal/abnormal, man/woman, hetero/homo, human/machine... The most of my work is developed in a collaborative way, and always under DIY/DIT technologies and free culture paradigm. My work have been presented in streets, art centres, universities, museums, squats and festivals. 
Friday, August 1, 2014 to Thursday, August 14, 2014