Lab 2: The Hard

1. August 2014 to 14. August 2014


CE QUIMERA (Argentinia/Spain)


"There is no body without F[R]ICTION" – Mutant body architecture with f(r)ictional sound elements

This performance aims to be an attempt to create a new subjective fiction of body. Building on earlier work carried out in the laboratory Quimera Rosa, around subjectivity and sexuality, where the body mutates by the incorporation of prosthesis. During this residence I want to experiment a kind of prosthetic reversal,
where the modification of bodily boundaries is not by a sum of prosthesis attached to the body but by contact with the environment. Basing on the spatial notion of architecture, I want to experiment forms of body modification in which the space is expanding and the body goes into friction with it. It's not just the flesh mixed with the plastic but the flesh mixed with the environment. The flesh becomes plastic. The flesh becomes space. Playing on the border between body/environment, reality/fiction, human/machine, lesh/plastic, touch/sound...


Work proposal:
For this residency, I propose to create a DIY electronic device that generates sound by body friction, device that I will name F[R]ICTION. This one will be built on a synthesizer. This IC has four gates that can be combined in many ways. To make that sound is modified by body contact, I would like to investigate what kind of sensors would work for this case: touch, light, bending, vibration... I am interested in generating a large area of contact with the body. The device will be based on open hardware and replicants technologies. The entire process of creation will be documented in a blog licensed CC-by-nc-sa.
I also propose to create the scenery/architecture where the device will be embedded, as well as other elements of the architecture. I will work mostly with recycled material, looking for different textures of contact, grip and support.


week 1:
- sound device making
- documentation


week 2:
- architecture elements making
- body sound experimentation fused with architecture
- video recording (later edition)
- documentation


Body – Contractual Masturbations.  The friction body with the elements of the architecture.  It's about showing a modified body, recreated by the contact with the environment.
Stage - Architecture comprised of various organic and machinistic technologies that make contact-friction and generate sound.  Multiple sound objects with unidentifiable shapes that appear as sexual organs occupying the space and in contact with the body, blurring the boundaries between the two.
Sound - The sound architecture will be based on Noise, not as a musical genre but as a practice of experimentation and improvisation. The Noise as disruption of narrative linearity and sound normality parameters. The sound will create an chaotic imaginary touch-sound and de-identified from body and objects, it will be a liquid element in body architecture.
Projected video - Recordings closeups (similar to porn closeups) from body in friction with architectural objects.


Ce Quimera
Cecilia Puglia González. Argentina/Spain.
Degree in Social Anthropology / UBA (Argentina)
Stage, dance and art movement training applied to performance, contemporary dance, release, Butoh, body weather...

Ce Quimera (AR-ES). Multidisciplinary performer since 2008, after the release of Quimera Rosa Lab, I have been focusing my corporal and research work on post-identity gender politics. The last few years I have incorporated new tools to my performance and video-making works, such as noise and electronics.
I work on transdisciplinary performance based on the articulation between bodies and technologies. Aware by transfeminist and queers practices, I make bodies a platform for public intervention, breaking up limits between public and private. I understand sexuality as a technological and artistical creation and seek to experiment hybrid, flexible and changing identities able to blur frontiers betweeen natural/artificial, normal/abnormal, man/woman, hetero/homo, human/machine... The most of my work is developed in a collaborative way, and always under DIY/DIT technologies and free culture paradigm. My work have been presented in streets, art centres, universities, museums, squats and festivals. 
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