XII. Schöne Eleonore's Film Boudoir

Monday, April 21, 2014 - 20:00


( Englisch mit Deutch Untertitel )

OK … after spending half an hour by trying to write intellectually sound explanation of why on Earth we are showing this film on Easter Monday – I'm giving up and I must simply admit that..I never seen Pirates of the Caribbean before and then ..well ..it's spring and there is this Jonny Depp thing.., you know... But there is also Keira Knightley in the film and yes let's call it

The Night of a Film Decadence

(which we will balance the next screening by much more conceptually profound film!)

There will be cocktails of course and I'm wearing pirate costume (I promise) !


And where it could be a better place to watch such a story than aboard of a ship?

Monday 21st April 2014 Eleonore Ship, Am Winterhafen 26 , 20h (+/-)


Thematic alcoholic beverage provided.

Schöne Eleonore's Film Boudoir