Arts Birthday 2016

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In tribute to Robert Adrian X we are broadcasting pictures and morse signals with our shortwaveradio all the day.
The shedule: Starts 00:00h - every 10 minutes one picture alll the day.
Modes: SSTV, FAX and CW
Our Sign: OE5FXC
Our Equipent: Yaesu 847, 80 Watt
Antenna direction: Spain, France, Great Britian, Russia, Romania, Bulgary.
Our Frequencies: 14230kHz SSTV and on our frequency from Eleonore 7067kHz
Stay tuned, listen and try to send a picture back.

This event is in cooperation with Enrique Tomás from Kunstuni Linz, Interface Cultures and his students.
You can listen it from at 5pm at


Robert Adrian X


Guten Tag. Ich bin per Zufall hier gelandet.
Aber dennoch möchte ich ihnen ein Kommentar da lassen, da ich ihren Weblog besonders informativ finde.

Auch ihr Entwurf ist ungemein Ansprechend.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen