About HORIZON: artist and actors in new media residence program

HORIZON Residence 1013 curated by Armin Medosch 

Eleonore a ship in the harbour Linz – this island offers an interesting and neutral territory for new creative ways and ideas. The boat obtains perfect conditions in regard to a good interaction of nature and technic. Because of these conditions and the adequate infrastructure arises the outlook for an autarky venue which can be used for different and various artistic/ scientific work. HORIZON – artists in residence, is a program based on a two week scientific/ artistic work. Artists/ Scientists are invited to spend two weeks on the boat for working on their project and do their specific test series. The test series should lead disciplinary approach between fields like art, scientific and/or social issues. There is also the opportunity to combine these different fields for the project.


  • short extract of your work at the boat

  • context of the project has to be related to nature and water

  • relation between art and information

  • checking in regard to the definition of information

  • documentary of the working process

  • permanent stay at the boat, for 14 days


  • short description of the working field

  • CV or a short description of your biography