Seeds Underground Party

"Seeds Underground Party"

Germinate ! Broadcast ! Trade ! Track !

Measurement ship Eleonore, Am Winterhafen 20, Wednesday 12th of June 2013, from 6.30 to 9 pm.


In the context of the Fieldwork A-I-R programme, Shu Lea Cheang invites for a Seeds Underground Party. The monopolising tendencies of large seed producers in the USA and the latest attempts of the EU to draft a new seeds directive, motivate this invitation to exchange seeds in people-to-people events, which are joyful gatherings. Bring self-harvested seeds and sprouted plants to exchange, to adopt and germinate, to broadcast and track their distribution. "We share some foods and tales while waiting for the sprouts to rise up in early daybreak."

Just subscribe at Seeds Underground and join the event.