Afloat a boundary - Log book

Our life with Die Schöne Eleonore

Interview about Floating Bodies and Spaces Residency with Dorf TV


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Day 1 - Overflow

We all arrive, we overflow, we flow into the Eleonore, the journey here doubled, signs of flood all around, the water tank overflows.

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Day 2 - Tealess tea party

We hijack the Monday weekly gathering, to meet and greet, to receive, material, scrap material, factual material, collective, local, inspiring material, random material... all kinds of material. In return we offer immaterial tea and other immaterial substances.

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Day 3 - Language

Conversations on language, it's to do with journeying, we come from many places... revising the grammar of movement, reading words that attempt to describe the indescribable, a return to the beginnings, unplugged... plugged into a spiderweb, like into a linguistic system casting a shadow on reality. Climbing around the cognitive web, like a spider scanning a code. Tuning into each other - human sound unplugged.

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Day 4 - Watery accumulation

Failed market day. We accumulated food in a supermarket. We accumulated heat in the blazing sun. We accumulated assumptions relating to the Eleonore and each other. We accumulated three visitors. And then finally, there was a storm that made Eleonore move. Emotion is motion, water is emotion, the Eleonore was moved.




Day 5 - Symbiosis

Here we don't live by the clock but mark each day with the making of a lantern. The knocking of the hammer, an anchor through watery time, we swim to it. Today we caught up with the counting. We got caught in a web of Eleonore's making, we became bound by her saliva to our roles. Is she a spider, an octopus? She is a creature with tentacles. She reaches out and pulls you in, we make our home inside her. Fire, the lantern, attracting you home.



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Day 6 - Eleonore shudders in empathy

There is this heartbreak. Cause and effect. Earthquake. There is this heartbreak. You cannot avoid it. Because she has a heart. She has a heart. Eruption of ancient sorrow. There are these cracks, in the Earth, pathways of timeless sorrow. These cracks that reach through to the present. She is present. That foggy night, a castle in the sky.

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Day 7 - Collaboration

Three is four. As the three musketeers have proven long before, The three ducks were looking for D'Artagnan, and the kayaks the setting sun. The swan circus was skillfully conducted today. And so was the skeletal structure of the whale. But to find the captain of the ship, what must we do? We must open our eyes and see it through. It is what. What is. Is it a question? No. It is. A fishmonk's downpour, levelling our decks to one that we scrub together. Being on the same boat .That's what it is.

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Day 8 - Mishmashnash

The boundaries are afloat. Land, water, fire and air. Visions come from here and there. Imprints, impressions, illusions.

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Day9 - Clear water

The bridge of practicality, when the Time's up, time to cross over. The mermaids have sung themselves to another shore. The fish stares out of the window, getting dressed. Welcome whale, she says, whalesoul, soulboat. She needs you near. Here she is, the Eleonore and her soul.

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Day 10 - Dead fish, fishborne

White flesh floating like crumpled fallen moon. With old dead carp we travel the underworld, the rhythms are that of passing flocks, one way, inward, the other way, outward. To die, to be just a shadow and an eye that knows, an eclipse of oneself. Fear, let go! For I will return in altered costume, turned and shined, inside out, twisted around, a form forming. The stars are falling. Far away. Return!

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Day 11 - Save a whale, kill a cow

The boat came asailing, it could not see, the vulnerable whale resting in its meadow there. But why do you crush me so? asked the whale, I am the largest of the mammals, did you not know? Did you mistake me for some cow, grazing on grass? They are so many, and spread so far. The lady and the fish were appalled at such drama - why and how! for on the sailor's T-shirt 'twas written....

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Day 12 - The Happening

It just happened that way, and it was good. Thank you all who came, who stayed, who shared in this and are part of what happened.

More to see.

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Day 13 - Dreampunk Pirates

 ...but that is already another story... ;-)

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